Belongings 7''

by No Bones

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released September 18, 2013

recorded june 15th-16th in our jamspace with Marc.
mixed by Marc Tremblay / mastered by Audio Siege.



all rights reserved


No Bones Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: If I Could
If I could I'm not so sure that I would
go back to simpler times cause it'd mean more distance between us.

You just kept me in the dark.
Keep moving don't look down,
Keep pushing on cause we Can't turn
Back now. You just kept me in the
Dark. Now it's the hardest part.

I tried so much to fix everything with
Good intentions and wishful thinking
But it wasn't enough , cause you just
Kept me in the dark .
Track Name: Downer
Turn things around, I know you can,
I've seen your strength before. You say
You don't have the patience or will to
Fight this anymore. I wonder, yeah I
Wonder if you know what it means ,
I wonder , yeah I wonder if she'll wake
Up from her bad dreams. She always nods and smiles at me, even without
Remembering , I know she's in there
Somewhere. She still recalls those
Little things.

Erasing names forgetting faces, familiar
Households, memories in places, and even though I still see you now and then, you're so far gone. Feels like
You're dead.
Track Name: Belongings
Put my stuff in cardboard boxes, I don't need it where I'm going. We're losing touch in the process, but I'm comfortable with never knowing what
Comes next. I've got better things to do,
Then try to join the ranks and blend right in with you, it's not enough to keep me here so every chance I get, I disappear. I can see the choice belongs to me. I'm trying to remind myself that the world is not against me. I'm falling
Down again , so burn my belongings
And get the fuck out of this place, before the roof caves in.
Track Name: Keep Warm
Everything else right now seems irrelevant, a waste of breath. I'm not
Sure laughter 's the best medicine
In the presence of death . To my
Friends , Keep Warm , stay together.
It's gonna be a long winter. We're talkin'. Talkin' about nothing. And
We're drinking out of boredom or
A force of habit.

And we'll see the months go by.
Everything will change in time,
For the moment we're frozen up
Like a deer in the headlights.
To my friends, Keep Warm, it's
Gonna be a long winter .
Track Name: Dislocated
I can't just sit here and wait.
Another year drags on, I'm biting
My tongue. I always carry the weight
Ask myself if every step I take is wrong.

Another question , without an answer.

I'm getting sick of myself , I rely on distractions to quiet the voices.
This place is bad for my health,
Guess I should learn from this and
Make better choices.

Another question, without an answer.

I know I'm not fucked up beyond repair.
I'll find my place but it's not here.